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hold me down and bleed me dry // Cut the ties that keep me up..." /><"http://fyeahweissblake.tumblr.com/page/3" />

Day Off (Day 3: Holiday)


Weiss gently groaned, slowly opening her eyes to glare at the bit of sunlight peeking in through the curtains. She could roll over and be rid of the annoyance… but that would mean moving from her very comfortable spot, which she wasn’t exactly inclined to do at present. Not when she had Blake’s arm draped across her waist, pulling her in tight against a chest that rumbled with a content purr, her wife’s face buried in her neck and their legs tangled together beneath the covers. 

Normally, they’d both be up and hustling by the time the sun rose, trying to get the kids all fed, dressed, and dropped off in time for both Weiss and Blake to make it to work. But in light of the personal holiday, Winter and Yang had volunteered to take care of the kids so that the two could take full ad vantage of their wedding anniversary, which included sleeping in while cuddled up together.

So, now she faced a conundrum. Move and risk waking her wife so she might buy a few extra minutes of shut eye or stay right where she was and deal with the inconvenience. 

Well, when phrased that way… she truly didn’t have much choice, now did she?

Closing her eyes to try and keep out the light, she sighed and relished the calm and quiet in the arms of her wife, a smile curling her lips. Almost twelve years of waking up this way and while the novelty had worn off a bit, it was replaced by a sort of… comfort, like a well worn pair of sneakers that could be slipped on for just about any occasion or a faded pair of jeans going threadbare at the seams. The familiarity of the position, the sound of Blake purring behind her, the weight of her arm around Weiss’ waist… even if it had become an every day occurrence, the chance to soak i t in and acknowledge it retained its charm.

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Truth and Fiction


Day 2: Honesty (but SURPRISE I can’t stay on topic to save my life, so this happened instead)

Blake bit her lip, staring at the screen for a long minute before shaking her head and sighing. She pushed her chair away from her desk and leaned back, bonelessly sagging in her seat. The next installment of her signature series was due to come out within the next two years and she’d had the document open for the past week, with only the title filling it. Spread out across the desk, she had small booklets of notes for referencing, summaries of past plot points, a literal road map for the current book, but… absolutely no motivation to do any of it.

“What am I going to do?” The words almost echoed through the empty study, just as they rebounded around within the confines of her skull. She’d h ad her bouts of writer’s block in the past but this took the cake; she couldn’t even decide where to start, much less how

“Ah, the sounds of a writer hard at work.” She looked up as her editor entered the study bearing a tray of food, a kettle, and a cup already steaming with hot tea.

“I haven’t gotten one word yet,” she replied with a sour frown. “I don’t think that qualifies as ‘hard at work’.”

“Writing is a process, Blake. Even the frustrating parts are necessary steps,” Weiss said while setting the tray down on the only bit of the desk not cluttered with papers. “So is keeping your energy up. Take a break.”

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Fortune (Day 1: Rags to Riches)


Weiss picked up the paper, brows rising as she took note of the sale being advertised for their local supermarket. They’d just done their grocery shopping a week ago but they still had more than enough room for dry storage and freezer space, so it might be worth it to dig through the coupons. Then again, they didn’t have too much wiggle room in the budget, not after putting down the first payment on their new SUV. She’d need to pull out the checkbook and a calculator, see if they could take advantage or just let the sale pass them by.

As she turned to head back into the house, she reached down into her pocket and pulled out her scroll, bringing up the page for Hunter assignments and refreshing it. After they’d worked so hard to eek out a victory over Salem, it never occurred to any of Team R WBY that it might have a drastic effect on the rest of their lives. However, with the broodmother of darkness removed, Grimm numbers dwindled, to the point where the occupation they’d dedicated so much of their youth to pursuing had all but dried up entirely. A sigh left her lips as the page confirmed what she’d feared, that no new Grimm had been spotted in Remnant, and aside from a request for a combat instructor for the Mistrali military, there weren’t any jobs available for her to take.

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Monochrome Week 2018



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Hello everyone! It’s @yang-belladonna here, and @relatablefaunusbitch and I will be hosting Monochrome Week! We’re both excited to be hosting this event, and we hope that you enjoy Monochrome Week and the amazing work dedicated to this event.

Monochrome Week dates: February 12 - February 19

Day 1: Rags to Riches

Day 2: Honesty

Day 3: Holiday

Day 4: Sharing

Day 5: AU

Day 6: Superhero AU

Day 7: Family

Day 8: Free Day

Special thanks to everyone on the Monochrome Discord that helped organized Monochrome Week!

We allow any type of media such as fanart, fanfic, playlists, AMVs, GIF sets, and anything in between. Please use your own work unless you get permission directly from the original creator and credit them clearly. Monochrome Week is open to fans of all ages, so please keep it rated PG-13 and no NSFW.

We’ll be using and watching the tag #monosweek18 or #monochromeweek18 for any and all work, and please put one or both tags in the first five tags. You can also directly mention us in your post.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask them and we’ll answer them as soon as possible! We can’t wait to see your work!

Please reblog this post and help get the word around!


from ragged and starving for love to being rich in it

aka its monochrome week and im coming off a week long panic attack, whats up

jayster523 asked: Is Weiss capable of getting Blake flustered (like scratching behind her cat ears or being obliviously adorable?)



They play gay chicken all the time




sometimes u just gotta lick ur wife to show how much u love her… wait

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