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So… um, here is the beginning of my latest Teen Titan story. I hope you enjoy! There are some notes I need to make before you read. It was a lazy day at Titan tower with not much going on. Robin and Cyborg played video games as Kijin watched the two of them. Best Boy and Raven were having yet another disagreement about something , but they both looked happy in the end.

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Ive read some fanfic about them and its so cute. Texas law, a person commits the positive for. The real reason he im 23 dating a 39 year old to use it was bar rouge dating take Starfire out on robin and starfire dating fanfiction date. Clark Kent finally finds a woman. Oct 10, Some people think that Robin and Starfire are a better couple but to me they are just way too.

This is too all those Robin and Starfire fans out there, only RobStar unless any other couple are apart of the story but RobStar main couple. All the best RobStar​.

The atmosphere in the tower was…strange. Something wasn’t quite right but no one was exactly sure what it was. At least, that’s how Robin, Starfire, and Cyborg felt. It seemed like any other Saturday and yet they could feel that something was off. But they couldn’t put their fingers on it. This made Robin a little more anxious than usual, suspecting that there may be a big criminal act in the making, so he was on constant alert.

Cyborg and Starfire didn’t feel that this was the case but agreed that there was definitely something going on. No storms on the horizon or anything.

Robin and starfire dating fanfiction

Even professionals make mistakes in their writing. The more you write, the better you become! He knows that the portals are unpredictable. Imagine his surprise when it took him half way across the country, thankfully in his own time. He recognizes this city, and a childish sort of giddiness overtakes him.

Primarily a RobinStarfire fic. Starfire is taken home to marry a prince in order to end a deadly civil war. But, it turns out someone on Tamaran is setting a trap, and​.

This section is in need of major improvement. Please help improve this article by editing it. Robin and Starfire always seemed to have connection through the series, but didn’t get together until the movie Trouble in Tokyo. Starfire’s bubbly, sweet innocence balances with Robin’s serious, down to earth vibe. They are each other’s best friend and main love interest throughout the series. Ever since the day the two of them first met, both Robin and Starfire have had romantic feelings for each other, but are completely unaware of how the other feels.

However, though they remain unaware, it’s obvious to everyone else how they truly feel about each other, as even a few enemies have realized just how smitten they are.

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This is the sequel to my story Jealousy. It is not really necessary that you read Jealousy, but it will explain about the OC, Terran, who shows up later. It was an ordinary day. Raven was reading the same book over again. Starfire was trying to bake cookies for the twentieth time and was failing miserably.

Dr. Light and Robin, Starfire, and Beast Boy. Later in Consequence, when Starfire tries to attack Raven, but fails miserably. Dating Catwoman: Raven and Jinx.

Robin stood in front of the silver door that gleamed in the florescent light. He lifted his hand up to the door and muttered some words to himself. He quickly placed his hand back beside him and started pacing again. He muttered a few more words to the door that no one could hear, or so he thought. He scolded himself and began his pacing again. Beastboy and Cyborg peaked around the corner, captivated by his efforts, and a little part of them was trying not to laugh.

Raven had been reading her book in the main room but soon even her interest was revealed and she silently followed the other two boys. He held his hand up to the door again and held it there for several minutes, as if he were made of ice.

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The writers know Exactly what they are doing with this hot. They made it to drive me crazy, specifically. It was Raven that stormed the common room first, her mood like an ominous black lightning cloud just about ready to burst. She hovered in with purpose and, unlike usual, making her presence known and felt to the unsuspecting boys lounging in the area. But she never got to finish the thought, nor did she get an answer out of any of the three young, perplexed men situated about the gaming console.

Starfire came bounding out of the hall, looking as happy as a clam, and perhaps a little mischievous.

As the New Titans went on many adventures together, Robin and Starfire grew closer, and eventually they started formally dating. Robin often.

Hey sorry I haven’t been here in awhile life is just catching up with me. So this one is for you King of Random I don’t own anything :. Robin sat in the T-car patiently waiting for Starfire. He drummed his fingers on the steering wheel waiting for her to meet him in the car. Robin was actually surprised that Cyborg finally gave in to letting Robin borrow his ‘baby’. Besides you won’t even tell me what you want it for. The real reason he wanted to use it was to take Starfire out on a date.

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Story Story Writer Forum Community. Sort: Category. Stranded by Serenity – formerly sb1 reviews Dick and Kory are trapped together on a desert island, but they can’t stand each other. So they have to deal with each other’s company in the hopes that they’ll be rescued, but as they spend more time together, being rescued doesn’t seem like an issue One Thing Leads to Another by katergator reviews One thing leads to another when Starfire and Raven attend a lingerie party and Robin gets a surprise view of Starfire’s new undergarment.

I have updated each chapter!

Overall, a nobody compared to Koriand’r, AKA Starfire, Princess of Tamaran, After a fight, Starfire decides to try out speed dating but Robin’s not about to let go​.

Sorry if it got bad towards the end. I’m tired and i just wanted to finish this chapter, this is my first fic on , but i have other stories at the robin and Starfire shrine, where I’m robinstarforever. Just to clear things up, Starfire’s 16 turning 17, Robin and raven are 17, Beast boy is 16, and Cyborg is If you read this please review, even if you hated it. Flame me if you want, it’s not going to stop me from finishing the story.

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She was on her bed. She looked at her Mumbo clock. It was only eight in the morning.

Robin and Starfire: Hypnotized. Fanfiction. What happens when Starfire starts dating, and is josh everything he says he is? COMPLETED.

If there was something Robin was good at, it was sports, especially gymnastics. He was also good at doing tricks he could find coins behind ears. Oh, and how could anyone forget his uncanny ability to sneak up on people? He’d never been a good flirter either, but he was definitely good than his leader. Robin was the lamest when it came to Starfire, and it was that he wasn’t very subtle with his crush, either—every time he was near her, he started acting clumsy, though Cyborg had come to guess that Robin thought he was being all suave and cool.

Which was lame too. Once Cyborg entered his room to ask him about the H. Who wrote a book about dating someone? He wasn’t even dating her. Cyborg didn’t know anything else about this guide, but he was definitely curious—what would he do?

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